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 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BELOW ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & CUSTOMS/COUNTRY REGULATIONS HOTSHOT® stops muscle cramps where they start – at the nerve. Scientifically proven, field tested, HOTSHOT® prevents and treats muscle cramps. HOW TO USE HOTSHOT® PREVENT Drink a 1.7oz HOTSHOT® 15-30 minutes before exercise to boost your Neuro Muscular Performance...
BASE Electrolyte Salt w/ 4 Race vials


(comes with 4 empty vials) Electrolytes are a conductor of energy and are involved in every muscle contraction during training. If the body is low on electrolytes then muscle contraction cannot occur with the same force. When our electrolytes are combined with water the minerals that are inside the electrolytes...
Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps


Prolongs endurance in ultra workouts and races Assists energy production Helps prevent muscle cramping Counteracts everyday fatigue Achieve peak performance and save with the Race PR Kit Description: The Anti-Fatigue Caps Formula: Potassium/Magnesium Aspartate - A well-known nutritionist says it best regarding aspartic acid, "Because aspartic acid increases stamina, it...

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