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Engineered for elite level training, the Hydrofoil Kickboard provides a natural body position in the water, that's true to race form. Showcasing a three-dimensional design, the LHYDKB provides enhanced control over kinetic movement, allowing the upper body to move and roll in cadence with the lower body, for a realistic...
TYR Hydrofoil Ankle Float


Train hard, train smart with the Hydrofoil Ankle Float. The LHYDAF is specifically designed for core development and strength training, as it forces the swimmer to tighten his or her abdominals and lower back muscles to maintain proper positioning and form. An industry-first design features easy-on/easy-off circular cuffs that fit...
Finis Swim Sense

$179.98 $139.98

INCREASE WORKOUT QUALITY Allows users to visually track progress and gain insights on the health benefits associated with swimming SWOLF A score generated by adding strokes per length and the time for the length ex. 25 yards swim at 30 seconds in 20 strokes is a SWOLF score of 50...
Swimmers Dry Towel AQUA DRY TOWEL II, absorbent microfibre towel


Absorbent, microfiber material towel, perfect for use at the pool or ocean. Full 16" x 32" - One of the largest towels on the market! Ultra absorbent, soft material Acts like a real towel - no special treatment needed Comes with reusable storage case
Aqua Sphere EAR PLUGS


Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs Aqua Sphere ear plugs protect your ears from swimmer's ear and other ear infections and are designed for comfort and customized fit. Conical shape for optimal fit within the ear canal Soft rubber material for comfort and flexible, formed fit Comes with storage case
Finis Freestyle Snorkel


FREESTYLE SNORKEL With the Freestyle Snorkel, swimmers can focus on freestyle stroke technique without interruption. The curved shape design promotes proper head position, with the eyes down. Relax in the water by maintaining proper body alignment and improve stroke technique for maximum efficiency. With reinforced stability, the Freestyle Snorkel allows...
Orca Heatseeker Vest


HEATSEEKER VEST The latest generation Orca Heatseeker Vest is a thermal base layer designed to be worn under a wetsuit in cold water to increase your warmth in the water. It can provide an additional barrier against wind chill in any type of outdoor water sports. The Orca Heatseeker Vest...
Finis Agility Paddles


The Agility Paddles are designed to provide swimmers with instant stroke feedback – even after just 1 lap! The strapless design fits the natural contour of the hand and teaches you to apply positive pressure throughout your stroke. If you do not maintain a proper stroke, the paddle will let...
Blueseventy Dot Trunk


Contemporary designed drag suit sits closer to the skin than the baggy competition. Built with 100% Darwin fabric, this polyester suit delivers performance and durability without sacrificing comfort.
BlueSeventy CORE short (unisex)


The Core Short is designed to be worn over a tighter fitting swimsuit. It provides lift for the hips and legs while swimming - simulating the lift of a wetsuit, and mimicking the feeling of using a pull-buoy. For triathletes, training with the Core Short will provide a seamless transition...
TYR Latex Swim Cap


TYR Latex Swim Cap Engineered to provide protection from damaging chlorine and increase speed, the Latex Swim Cap is a true TYR classic. Designed with a durable ribbed edge for a secure fit and standard 30 Gram Weight construction, the LCL reduces drag and bulk. Ideal for children and adults,...
Orca Neoprene 3/4 Shorts


3/4 NEOPRENE SHORT   With the 3/4 Neoprene Shorts you will achieve maximum buoyancy without compromising your stroke. Lift your legs and keep them straight whilst you swim to strengthen the upper body, adopting the ideal swimming position. A step forward for improving your technique and track record in the...
Orca Neoprene Shorts


NEOPRENE SHORT If you're looking for a buoyant swim short to wear on it's own, or to add extra buoyancy under your wetsuit whilst promoting correct body rotational form. HIGHLIGHTS MATERIALS Yamamoto 39cell SCS coated neoprene   BUOYANCY 8mm front panel and a 6mm back panel provide you with the...
TYR Big Mesh Mummy Bagpack BLK


Updated with a 20% bigger design, the TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is the perfect choice for hauling swim and workout gear. The LBMMB3 features a spacious main compartment for storage and mesh venting for increased dry time and drainage. Over the shoulder straps allow for easy transport, while barrel-lock...
TYR Kickboard-Blk


Engineered for swimmers on all levels, our Kickboard is the perfect training aid for swim training and aquatic exercise routines. Designed to build leg strength, the LKB immobilizes the arms and isolates the legs so your body works harder with every kick. Built to last, our Kick Board is constructed...
Orca Mesh Backpack


MESH BACKPACK Our Mesh Backpack is a handy ventilated backpack for carrying your swim essentials around. An 18L waterproof storage compartment with ventilating mesh panel and 3 eyelet drainage holes at the base provide a superb carrier for your swim essentials while a mesh side pocket is the perfect spot...
Zealios Sun Barrier SPF 45 - 3 oz.


THE SUNSCREEN FOR ENDURANCE ATHLETES "I first used this at the Santa Cruz 70.3 and I have been amazed with how well this works. I tell anyone who will listen that this stuff works!!" - Bronyb (real web review)   This is not your Mother's zinc. Our micronized zinc oxide...
Roka Pro Swim Pull Buoy


The sculpted, angular lines of the Pro Pull Buoy increase hydrodynamic efficiency while retaining optimal buoyancy to lift the legs and midsection. Available in junior and standard sizes, the Pro Buoy allows swimmers to focus on body position and technique without having to kick. We recommend pairing the Pro Pull Buoy with the...
Finis Nose Clip


The Nose Clip is made of a nylon material for prolonged life and pressure retention. The silicone nose pads offer maximum comfort. The anatomic design of the Nose Clip fits most noses comfortably and keeps water out. The Nose Clip pairs well with any FINIS snorkel. Carrying case included. FEATURES...
Finis ear Plugs


Made from 100% silicone, the Ear Plugs provide maximum comfort and a secure seal. The Ear Plugs use a specialized shape that conforms to the ears, effectively sealing water out without the plugs going too far into ears. The Ear Plugs include a small carrying case for clean, simple storage. Available...
Finis Ultra Mesh Gear Bag

from $19.98

The Ultra mesh backpack is a convenient way to store all swim equipment.  Made of a durable nylon and polyester mesh, the Ultra lets air flow freely for fast drying, and includes a pull drawstring for a secure closure.  A large bottle pocket and zip pocket allows for easy storage...
Finis Edge Fins

from $54.99

The Edge fins are the ultimate speed training fins, engineered to do it all. Through extensive testing at the FINIS Stroke Lab, the Edge fins were designed to optimize training without interrupting a natural kick cycle or compromising on comfort. The combination of 100% silicone and trademarked Smart Fin™ Technology...
Finis AXIS Buoy Medium


The dual-function design of the Axis buoy improves body position while building upper body strength and engaging the core muscles. With ergonomic keyholes and a contoured design, the Axis buoy can function as both an ankle float and a leg buoy. The lightweight EVA foam is lightly textured for a...
Orca Safety Buoy


SAFETY BUOY If you're looking for a swim aid that will not only keep you visible and secure in the open water, but also store your valuables safely while you're out there. HIGHLIGHTS MATERIALS: Nylon. Dimensions 70x35cm PVC STORAGE: Fully waterproof compartment keeps your valuables dry and secure VISIBILITY: High...

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