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Chain Gang Cleaning System A dirty drivetrain causes poor shifting and unnecessary wear to expensive parts. The Chain Gang contains everything needed to quickly and easily clean the chain, freewheel cogs, and chainrings. The Chain Gang includes: CM-5 Chain Scrubber GSC-1 GearCleanÆ Brush 8oz bottle of CB-2 Citrus Chain Brite...
Park GP-2C Patch Kit, Glueless Card


Super Patch Kit We worked with 3M to produce a self adhesive tube patch that stretches, flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube. No messy glue, no bulky packaging. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch, and you’re ready to go. Six patches with sandpaper...
Quik Stik


This innovative bicycle tire changer is fast and easy to use. Just one QuickStick does the job of 2 or 3 tire levers Made of plastic, QuickStik won't scratch rims or pinch tubes Can also be used to help reinstall tires Only 6 inches long, tool fits easily in an...
XLab Tire Mate Compact CO2 Inflator & Pump


Dual function - Choose to inflate with CO2s or with the mini pump. Storage saver - Avoid carrying multiple CO2s and never run out of air. Controlled air flow - Easy to regulate CO2 flow to tube or tubular. Pumps up to 90 PSI Compact size - 8 mm shorter than CO2 with inflator. Lightweight - 18...
XLAB Gear Box Kit (No CO2 cartridges)


GEAR BOX KIT (no CO2 cartridges) Anti-Launch Finish Perfect fit in XLAB Gorilla and Chimp cages. Fits most other cages. Ideal for use in both rear and frame mounted cages Rattle-Free Ride Sound-proof inner padding maintains a noiseless ride Split into two compartments: Use one side for repair kit, and other side for a...
Zipp Tangente Valve Extender Wrench Set


Two 4 mm-and-5 mm combination wrenches to assemble removable core from Zipp® Tangente butyl inner tube and Zipp integrated valve extenders. Wrenches required to properly install Zipp integrated valve extenders.
Zipp Disc Valve Adapter


SILCA CP1 Disc Adapter New, synthetic elastomer gasket with 2X the holding power and 5X wear resistance of traditional gasket materials New, two stage seal design, improves sealing and stability on all presta valve stems Adjustable compression, user can tighten the cap to increase holding power by 4X and compensate...
XLAB Delta Wing 400 Single Rear Hydration System


Lightest & stiffest adjustable rear carrier with repair storage options. Includes XLAB GORILLA cage, with a high 7lb grip on bottle. AERODYNAMIC LOCATION. Mounts to saddle, hiding in body’s draft. HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE. Can adjust cage angle and cage height for a perfect custom position. STABLE DESIGN. Stiffest mount on market with alloy arms....
Mezzo Seat Bag


Perfect size repair bag to hold your tire & inflation accessories. Small items won't get lost with an extra zip pocket. Tough nylon material ensures your repair kit stays safe. Long straps wrap around wide aero seat posts. Use the bag by itself or attach on a dual carrier. Have you been using electrical...
park TL-1.2c tire lvr,3


Updated to be stronger, smoother, and more versatile, the TL-1.2 features a new material and redesigned tip for easier entry into just about any tire, including tubeless. The unique design lifts the tire away from the rim and features a spoke hook to use when multiple levers are needed.


The PW-5 is perfect for the home workshop or event tool box. Although economically priced, this 15mm pedal wrench, like all Park Tool products, is built to last. Made from heat-treated spring steel and vinyl dipped for comfort. 11-1/2" (29 cm) long.
XLab Tri Tool Kit 10-function


10 ToolsEverything needed for essential adjustments. CompatibilityFits all XLAB fasteners, including Torpedo Versa Systems. High QualityDouble chrome, cold forged tools. Lightweight Only 99 grams. Compact size Small to fit into any repair storage gear.
XLab Cage Pod- Mini


Convenient, quiet storage in a cage. Features and Benefits Microfleece BagProtects contents and reduces rattle noise. WaterproofKeeps contents clean and dry. Versatile MountingFits all XLAB cages. Multi-storage Carrier Fits tube, levers, CO2, inflator and multi-tool. Anti-launch Design Matches XLAB cage groove to prevent launching. Technology Extra wide screw cap. Durable high density...
Continental Valve Extender - 30mm / 2Pk


Continental valve 30mm extenders are used as an effective solution to air-up your tires when using aero rims. Just remove your existing Presta valve core and thread it onto the extender, then thread your new extender onto the existing valve stem.
Park Tool, CTP-C Chain Tool Pins Card/2 For CT-1,CT-2,CT-3,CT-5 & CT-7


REPLACEMENT CHAIN TOOL PIN   Made from hardened alloy tool steel. Uses 7mm or 9/32" 12 pt box end/socket.
XLAB Gear Box


Stylish, anti-launch finish secures Gear Box in cage Split into two compartments to keep repair necessities tidy Large zipper pull-tab ensures easy, no-fuss access Sound-proof inner padding for a noiseless ride
ZIPP Tangente Aluminum Valve Extender 303 (qty 3) and Valve Extender Wrench (qty 2) 27mm


The Zipp Tangente Integrated Valve Extender Kit includes three integrated valve extenders for Zipp butyl inner tubes with a removable core. They also work with other leading tubular tires and inner tubes that have removable cores. The third extender is so your spare tube is ready to go when you...
Zipp Tangente AL Knurled Valve Extender 808-65mm (qty1)


Zipp Speed Weaponry valve extenders for use with removable presta value tubes. Works with Zipp butyl inner tubes with a removable core as well as other leading tubular tires and inner tubes that have removable cores Integrated air seal Knurled end to keep pump from slipping Sold each For use...
Park Tool TL-4c tire lvr,2/crd


Updated with a new material and new design. The TL-4.2 features a wide flat tip for easy entry and fast tire removal, ergonomic shape and a handy spoke hook when multiple levers are needed. Perfect for tight beads and tubeless tires. Sold in sets of two.


The CNW-2 makes chainring bolt set installation and removal easy. It securely holds the slotted nut to prevent spinning when tightening or loosening the bolt.


This combination chain whip and freewheel / lockring remover wrench is heat treated to prevent bending and flexing, with a molded handle for comfort.


The PW-5 is perfect for the home workshop or event tool box. Although economically priced, this 15mm pedal wrench, like all Park Tool products, is built to last. Made from heat-treated spring steel and vinyl dipped for comfort. 11-1/2" (29 cm) long.
Park Tool AWS-10 folding hex set 1.5-6mm


The Park Tool Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set combines all the popular hex wrench sizes into one convenient fold-up tool, eliminating the need for a mess of loose tools. Its multi-position composite handle is comfortable, lightweight, slip-resistant, and 40% stronger than steel handles.


Shop quality preset torque driver that limit torque applied to fasteners, preventing over-tightening and damage to lightweight components. The PTD-6 features all metal internal construction with a comfortable, ergonomic composite molded grip. Each tool is assembled and calibrated at the Park Tool factory in Minnesota.

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