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Orca Heatseeker Vest


HEATSEEKER VEST The latest generation Orca Heatseeker Vest is a thermal base layer designed to be worn under a wetsuit in cold water to increase your warmth in the water. It can provide an additional barrier against wind chill in any type of outdoor water sports. The Orca Heatseeker Vest...
Swimrun Womens Core - Orca


SWIMRUN CORE Swimrun Core is a suit designed specifically for swimrun competitions, adapting to the needs of both running and swimming races. The added plus of buoyancy in the lower trunk keeps your legs on the surface while swimming, without limiting your freedom of movement when running. REMOVABLE SLEEVES  Two...
Blueseventy Thermal Swim Socks


Our Zirconium liner at the foot reduces water absorption on these form fitting neoprene socks and creates an extra insulating layer. We've increased the length to reduce water entry. Textured bottom helps prevent injury to feet when walking or running on rocky surfaces. They come in handy on long transition runs...
Blueseventy Women's Fusion Fullsuit


Lowest Temp: 55F / 12.5CBuoyancy Profile:3:5:4 Performance Level: Competition Updated for 2018, the refreshed Fusion features new lines for improved comfort and reach in the water. Speed is achieved with the aid of high buoyancy in the legs to promote downhill swimming and a full SCS coating will make you slip through...
BlueSeventy CORE short (unisex)


The Core Short is designed to be worn over a tighter fitting swimsuit. It provides lift for the hips and legs while swimming - simulating the lift of a wetsuit, and mimicking the feeling of using a pull-buoy. For triathletes, training with the Core Short will provide a seamless transition...
Blueseventy Women's Sprint Fullsuit


Lowest Temp: 55F / 12.5CBuoyancy Profile:3:4:4        Performance Level: Entry-level The entry level Sprint wetsuit is built with thinner neoprene and strategically placed super-stretch nylon to greatly improve flexibility at the arms and legs. No other suit at this price delivers true open water swimming comfort without sacrifices to quality. 
Orca Neoprene 3/4 Shorts


3/4 NEOPRENE SHORT   With the 3/4 Neoprene Shorts you will achieve maximum buoyancy without compromising your stroke. Lift your legs and keep them straight whilst you swim to strengthen the upper body, adopting the ideal swimming position. A step forward for improving your technique and track record in the...
Orca Neoprene Shorts


NEOPRENE SHORT If you're looking for a buoyant swim short to wear on it's own, or to add extra buoyancy under your wetsuit whilst promoting correct body rotational form. HIGHLIGHTS MATERIALS Yamamoto 39cell SCS coated neoprene   BUOYANCY 8mm front panel and a 6mm back panel provide you with the...
Orca Women S6 Sleeveless

$219.00 from $175.00

S6 SLEEVELESS The S6 Sleeveless Women's Wetsuit, like the S6 with sleeves, is the alternative to the 3.8 for the Progressive Swimmer. This type of swimmer needs extra buoyancy, so the S6 is designed to raise the triathlete in the water without forgetting the stretch needed in the stroke. The...
Orca Women's Equip Triathlon Wetsuit


EQUIP The new Equip Wetsuit offers maximum flexibility without changing your position, ideal for Natural Swimmers. With Yamamoto 39 technology and the most stretchable lining on the market, with just the right amount of buoyancy has been provided for this type of swimmer without raising the lower body so much that...
Orca Women's Sonar Fullsleeve Wetsuit


SONAR The new Sonar provides the perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy - now offering flexibility, which some brands reserve for their elite wetsuits, at an intermediate budget. Carefully placed Aerodome2 panels lift the body into the most efficient swimming position, saving you precious time in the swim. If you’ve...
Women Zoot Z Force 1.0 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

$174.98 from $139.98

Named “The Top 10 Triathlon Essentials for Beginners” by Outside Magazine, the Z Force 1.0 is the perfect model for the newbie triathlete with an extremely attractive price-to-performance ratio. The Z Force 1.0 wetsuit is constructed with Yamomoto C38 and is coated with hydrodynamic Super Composite Skin (SCS). The SCS...

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