Need to gear up for the race? Here are some of the essentials that will help you reach the finish line sooner and with more comfort.

Swim gear:

Swimsuit, 1 Piece Tri Suit or Triathlon-Shorts
Goggles (comfort and leak proof tested)
Swim Cap (usually provided by race)
Wetsuit (unless you're racing in a warm-water triathlon, i.e. water temp above 76 degrees F)
Anti-chafing substance for wetsuit (bodyglide, tri-slide)

Bike gear:

Helmet (required by USAT rules)
Bike Tools
Tri shorts, or Cycling shorts
Bike Jersey, Singlet or Triathlon-specific top
Gloves (optional)
Sports Sunscreen (water & sweat resistant)
Spare tubes, Frame Pump, Co2 with Adapter
Aero water Bottle, Bento Box Carrier, etc.

Running gear:

Running Shorts or Tri-Shorts
Running Top, Tech-T or Singlet
Mesh Running Hat or Breathable Visor
Speed Laces or Bungee Laces for Shoes
Reflective Race Number Belt or Reflective Tape ( required for Full Ironman Distance)
Fuel Belt