Bike Fitting: An overview

A proper Bicycle fit is necessary, not only to improve your comfort and performance, but also to avoid overuse injuries caused by poor alignment on the bicycle. Because of the repetitive movements associated with cycling, extremely small changes to your body positioning on the bike can have dramatic effects on your comfort and performance during your cycling. Bike fitting is unique for every individual based on their physique and level of riding. Examples of factors that influence the bike fit geometry include rider flexibility, rider aggresiveness, foot imbalance, limb-length imbalances, and injuries. The final bike geometry of the bike must be adjusted for the following parameters:

  • foot position
  • cleat placement
  • crank length
  • seat height
  • seat angle
  • seat position
  • stem length
  • stem height
  • stem angle
  • handlebar width
  • brake hood position

    The following are some basic measurements used in the bike fit process. This is the starting point.


  • Frame seat tube size
  • Top tube size
  • Seat tube angle

  • Inseam length
  • Leg length (& leg length descrepancy determination)
  • Shoulder width
  • Height
  • Arm length
  • Torso

    The Fit Adjustments
  • Foot Fore/Aft position
  • Side to Side positioning
  • Canting of the foot on the pedal
  • Proper Rotation of the cleat
  • Crank Arm Length
  • Proper saddle hieght
  • Saddle fore/aft
  • Saddle tilt and width
  • Trunk position
  • Shoulder angle
  • Elbow angle
  • Proper stem height and length
  • Proper handlebar size
  • Handlebar angulation and custom fit
  • Brake/shift lever placement

    Professional Bike Fitting at Triathlon LAB:

    Robert Keating & Jerry Kurosaki are the Certified bike fit specialists (F.I.S.T. Fit Institute SlowTwitch) at Triathlon LAB. They fit both triathletes and pure cyclists, from beginner to expert. The bike fits performed at Triathlon LAB are performed methodically and skillfully to ensure your optimal positioning. Our fit specialists take the time necessary to determine the best geometry for the rider. A testimonial to their expertise is the fact that the majority of their "fit" customers are from customer referrals who are very happy with the fit they received at Triathlon LAB. Proper bike fitting is crucial to your performance and comfort. Triathlon LAB's fit specialists will be happy to work with you to achieve the proper fit for you.

    Call us @ 310-374-9100 or email us at for more information or to set up an appointment.

    Rates: $100/hr
    Average fit takes approx 1 hour, but actual fit time is based on individual complexity and will vary