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McNett Essentials Neoprene Cement: 2oz


Quickly repairs and cements wet suits, dry suits, boots, gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, inflatable toys, and hundreds of other rubber articles
Orca High Visibility Neoprene Swimcap


HIGH VISIBILITY NEOPRENE SWIMCAP Pair with your wetsuit for extra warmth in colder than usual waters.   HIGHLIGHTS MATERIALS 100% Neoprene. COMFORT The increased warmth offered by covering the head allows you to stay in the water for longer when wearing this cap. PRACTICAL The striking Maori print allows you...
BlueSeventy Vision Goggles


Perfect for all competitive and training environments, the Vision will withstand salt, fresh and pool water abuse. It offers wide peripheral vision from a super soft silicone eye gasket, and utilizes a simple button adjustment system and an extremely durable strap. Features Oversized design provides excellent coverage, durability and is...
Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles


The best open water goggle performance built with the latest soft frame technology with emphasis on visibility. The Hydra Vision features improved hydrodynamics in the water with an integrated strap adjustment and a unibody nose bridge that keeps the curved lenses close to the face. Features Frame Integrated Strap Adjustment...
Orca Fins Hi Viz


FIN The Orca fins are designed to improve your kicking technique and ankle movement. They increase overall stamina and strengthen the muscles you use to kick, whilst helping to achieve a more natural and fluid movement in the water. Improve your kick and boost your performance. HIGHLIGHTS MATERIAL  100% silicone. ...
TYR Cold Weather Neoprene Swim Cap size small


Excellent for cold weather water sports iin rivers, lakes and oceans Prevents up to 30% of body heat lost while swmming Offers enhanced fit with central panel flexibility. Insulation, and ear protection with uilt in chinstrap Composed of 3mm Yamamoto neoprene rubber, which retains body heat and aids in prevention...
McNett Wetsuit Shampoo


  You know the smell: wetsuit funk. It’s not pretty, but it is preventable—and so is the chorine and salt damage that shortens the life of your expensive neoprene gear. Just use Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo by M Essentials™ on booties, gloves, fishing waders, LYCRA® body wear, and of course,...

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