Useful triathlon related resources and information


Essential Gear for Triathlons - Beginners Guide

This article goes over recommended gear to compete in triathlons. 


Triathlon Race Day Tips and Suggestions

Usefull tips for triathletes to make your race day smoother.  Preparation guidelines and what to expect during a triathlon race.


How to Choose a Triathlon Wetsuit

Learn about different types of wetsuits and their features and which type is right for you.


How to change a tire and tube (video)

This video will instruct you how to easily change out a flat bicycle tire and a tube.


How to put on a triathlon wetsuit (video)

Putting on a triathlon wetsuit can be difficult and challenging.  This video provides guidance to put on your wetsuit effeciently  and how to avoid damaging your wetsuit.



Triathlon Clothing Buying Guide

In this article you will learn about the types of triathlon clothing available and what purposes they serve.  What is triathlon clothing?  Why do we recommend it for triathletes?  These questions and more are answered.

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